Why Us?

Fruity Tunes has a lot to offer for both children and carers alike.

Live Music

We pride ourselves on the fact that much of the music at our sessions is guitar-led live music. Many of the songs are original, composed by us and designed to stimulate and delight… but we also squeeze in some of the classics!


At all our sessions, we aim to create a relaxed atmosphere where the children are free to sing, move and play. We want them to have fun and be stimulated – we have a variety of different instruments, puppets and props for children to enjoy and all sessions end with bubbles!

Real Instruments

We are all experienced, trained musicians. By using real instruments in all the sessions we begin the child's unique journey in musical discovery. The children are also encouraged to explore, play and perform with a range of instruments.


At Fruity Tunes sessions parents, carers and children can meet, socialise, make friends and be part of a local event with a real community feel.

Fruity Player

Click here to listen to some of our original "Fruity Tunes".


Fruity Tunes is always my first choice for music classes. The classes are fun, relaxed and an enjoyable environment for both the kids and the parents! I am into my fourth year of Fruity Tunes fun and I still look forward to going to every class – as do my kids!!
Jenn, Astyn & Rylan

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